Wednesday, October 27, 2010

November 1, 2010  I received an email this evening from a member of the Amalgamated Board, explaining that the reference in the minutes should have referred to the old BXM 4A stop on Dickinson and Sedgwick.

Dickinson and Sedgwick Avenue bus stop is in danger of being discontinued. I just sent this email to Community Board 8.

I just received the highlights of the Amalgamated Housing Corporation of September 15, 2010. There is a sentence that says "Mr. Graham reported from the Community Board 8 Traffic and Transportation Committee of two issues, namely one being the removal of a bus stop on Saxon and Sedgwick Avenues in order to free up parking." Saxon is between two bus stops, one on Dickinson and Sedgwick, the other on Hillman and Sedgwick. These are heavily used bus stops. They should not be forfeited. It's bad enough that we don't have the Bx 1 local service we used to have, but to entirely lose our bus stops would be a hardship for the many to benefit the few who have cars.

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