Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct 13, I caught the Bx 10 bus going toward Riverdale at about 10:50 am.  I was at the Orloff and Van Cortlandt W. bus stop.  The bus was standing room only.  A nice young woman gave me her seat.  This overcrowding, is a consequence of the lost Bx 1 local service for the stops preceding this one.
George Diaz of Oliver Koppell's office contacted me today, September 28. I hope it's the beginning of us getting our local Bx 1 service back.
Waiting for Koppell
I sent email on September 16 and September 19 to Councilman Koppell. They both concerned the loss of Bx 1 bus local service during the week. I have yet to receive even an acknowledgment of my emails. Posted on September 23.

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