Tuesday, January 31, 2006

There's more going on than I've listed, come visit.
Highlights Van Cortlandt Senior Center - February
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Feb. 1 9:45 Exercise Jon Rigai Feb. 2 10:00 Exercise with Sylvia Feb 3 10:00 Yoga with Neem
Feb. 6 10:30 Aerobics with Doriana Feb. 7 Exercise with Sylvia Feb. 8 9:45 Exercise Jon Rigai Feb. 9 9:45 Exercise with Sylvia Feb 10 10:00 Yoga with Neem 1:15 Dance Movement with Caroline
Feb. 13 10:30 Aerobics with Doriana Feb. 14 9:45 Exercise with Caroline Grant 10:30 Art with Alisha Saltzman Feb 15 10:00 Exercise with Sylvia Feb. 16 9:45 Exercise with Sylvia Feb 17 10:00 Yoga with Neem
CLOSED Feb. 21 Feb. 22 9:45 Exercise Jon Rigai 1:00 Jazz Pianist John Halsey Feb. 23 10:00 Exercise with Sylvia Feb 24 10:00 Yoga with Neem 1:00 Cancelled Creating Joy with Alisha Saltzman
Feb. 27 10:30 Aerobics with Doriana Feb. 28 9:45 Exercise with Caroline
The Wednesday music program with John Halsey was great fun. He was accompanied by a singer, a bassist and a drummer.

Lunch served daily at noon

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yesterday, January 24, I went to Riverdale Senior Services. I had planned to attend a meeting of the Committee on Aging of Community Board 8, but when I got there I saw a chess game going on. I ended up playing chess, had a fun hour and never went to the meeting. I plan to go next Tuesday to play chess.

Picture from USATE 2004.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Robert Weber is Director of Group Services for JASA. He is directly in the chain of command of the senior centers run by JASA.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Neem was at the senior center today to lead yoga. She said she gave a tape Ageless Yoga to the people who administer the center, so on weeks when she isn't scheduled we could follow that tape. Next time that happens I'll try and remember to ask about the tape. Last week, she was on the schedule but the schedule was wrong, she had no contract to teach. Sylvia stepped in and led the class, an action I appreciate.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Reading the DFTA website I learned a few things. The budget analyst for the Bronx is Roy Garcia, 212 442 1237, rgarcia@aging.nyc.gov
PDS Provider Data System
SPP Senior Participant Profiles

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tonight I was the first speaker at the Community Board 8 meeting. Here is what I said: My name is Lora Frisch, I am a resident of the Amalgamated Co-op. My blog is http://lorasara.blogspot.com I hope that at some future date the Committee on Aging will choose the Van Cortlandt Senior Center for a meeting. In the few months I have belonged to the Van Cortlandt Senior Center I have seen the exercise programs cut in half, now some of the cuts are being restored. I have been unable to learn why the cuts were made in the first place. There is no transparency regarding the funding of senior centers. A large chunk of taxpayer dollars goes to senior services and far greater accountability should be shown. I have been able to learn the names of two of the people on the DFTA Senior Advisory Council from the Bronx, Edith Baldwin and Doris Colon, but have no means of contacting them. My understanding is that they are the link between the average senior citizen and DFTA. There should be a straightforward way to express concerns to them. I would like to ask who is on the Aging Committee of Community Board 8 and how does one contact them? The answer to this question was Karen Pesce, I met her and got her phone number.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I called Community Board 8 to sign up as a speaker at the January 10 meeting.


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