Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tonight I was the first speaker at the Community Board 8 meeting. Here is what I said: My name is Lora Frisch, I am a resident of the Amalgamated Co-op. My blog is http://lorasara.blogspot.com I hope that at some future date the Committee on Aging will choose the Van Cortlandt Senior Center for a meeting. In the few months I have belonged to the Van Cortlandt Senior Center I have seen the exercise programs cut in half, now some of the cuts are being restored. I have been unable to learn why the cuts were made in the first place. There is no transparency regarding the funding of senior centers. A large chunk of taxpayer dollars goes to senior services and far greater accountability should be shown. I have been able to learn the names of two of the people on the DFTA Senior Advisory Council from the Bronx, Edith Baldwin and Doris Colon, but have no means of contacting them. My understanding is that they are the link between the average senior citizen and DFTA. There should be a straightforward way to express concerns to them. I would like to ask who is on the Aging Committee of Community Board 8 and how does one contact them? The answer to this question was Karen Pesce, I met her and got her phone number.


victor scelzo said...

Hi Laura,
I kept my big mouth shut for a change; but it was good to hear someone from the neighborhood
take an interest.

LoraSara said...

Thanks Victor. There's strength in numbers so I hope you'll speak at Community Board 8 meetings in the future.


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