Thursday, August 28, 2008

JASA Van Cortlandt Senior Center, 3880 Sedgwick Ave., Bronx, NY 718 549 4700 September Menu Subject to change
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
September 1 Labor Day Closed September 2 Apple Juice Country Vegetables Soup Knockwurst in Filo-Wrap with Mustard Baked Vegetarian Beans Cooked Fresh Cabbage *Fresh Orange September 3 Pineapple Juice Beef Stew Spanish Style Rice Mixed Vegetables *Non Dairy Chocolate chunk cookies September 4 Cranberry Juice Potato Leek Soup Steamed Fish with Scallion & Herbs New Red Potato Spinach *Bananas September 5 Orange Juice Chicken Paprika Mexican Corn with Peppers Tossed Salad with Dressing *Apricot Halves
September 8 Apple Juice Homemade Baked Tuna Burger Roasted Cous Cous Peas & Carrots *Mandarin/Orange September 9 Pineapple Juice Split Pea Soup Turkey Mock Tetrazzini Linguini Pickled Beets Salad with Onion *Peaches September 10 Cranberry Juice Grilled Cod Fish with Stewed Tomato Lyonnaise Potatoes String Beans & Wax Beans *Non Dairy Pudding September 11 Orange/Pineapple Juice Stuffed Cabbage with Meat Sauce Pasta Shells Broccoli Florets & Cauliflower Florets *Fresh Apple September 12 Orange Juice Chicken Soup Chicken Piccata Egg Barley with Onion & Mushrooms Sauteed Baby Carrots with Dill Tropical Fruit Salad
September 15 Orange/Pineapple Juice Sweet & Sour Meatballs Elbow Macaroni Mixed Vegetables *Plums September 16 Apple Juice Tomato Soup Breaded Tilapia with Tartar Greek Orzo with Cranberry Normandy Blend *Jell-O with Mixed Fruit September 17 Cranberry Juice Pot Roast with Root Vegetables Mashed Idaho Potatoes Cream-less Spinach *Pears Chocolate Sponge Cake w/ cherry filling September 18 Pineapple Juice Mushroom Barley Soup 3 Egg & Vegetable Frittata Tossed Salad with Dressing 3 Bean Salad with Onion & Celery *Apricot Halves September 19 Orange Juice Mediterranean Chicken Lentil with Brown Rice California Blend Vegetables *Bananas
September 22 lunch was served September 23 Chicken Chow Mein, etc. September 24 Pineapple Juice Home made Turkey Meatballs Penne Pasta with Marinara Green Salad with Dressing *Apricot Halves September 25
Tomato Juice
Sweet Potato
String Beans & Wax Beans
*Non Dairy Pudding
September 26
roast chicken
kasha varnishkes
carrot tsimmes
honey cake
September 29 Orange Juice Split Pea Soup Breaded Tilapia with Lemon Orzo Confetti Peas & Carrots *Pineapple Tidbits September 30 Closed Make-Up Sunday September 14 Pineapple Orange Juice Fresh Fish Orzo/Mushrooms & Summer Squash w/Stewed Tomatoes & Dinner roll Ice Cream w/ Graham

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