Friday, September 22, 2006

September 29, chicken was scheduled but now salisbury steak has replaced it. September 27, I wasn't at the center but the combination of beef brisket and after lunch entertainment packed them in, more than 120 people came. September 22, chicken failed to be delivered, defrosted stuffed cabbage substituted
August 30, fresh fish
August 28, September 18, kielbasa
August 22, chicken salad
Week 2, Wednesday August 9, fresh fish; Friday August 11, BBQ Chicken; the disgusting choices of kielbasa or egg salad coupled with beans and cabbage is scheduled for Thursday.
For the first week of August, there are only two meals worth mentioning, fresh fish on Tuesday and basil chicken on Friday.
Reality CheckOn Friday, August 4 the choices were stuffed cabbage and egg salad.
On August 1 I went to the adult day camp at the Kaufman Campground. Fortunately, I brought my own sandwich. The main dish was lasagna, made with tomato paste, over cooked lasagna noodles and something else. I had the salad and vegetables and a little sample before tossing the lasagna.
Van Cortlandt Senior Center, 3880 Sedgwick Ave. July 17 - July 21 Main Dish, lunch served at noon, contribution $1.50
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White Fish Loaf Knockwurst or Egg Salad Turkey Cutlet with Mushroom Gravy Fresh Fish Roasted Chicken

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