Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bellezza Tempo review

My review of Bellezza Tempo was published in the Amalgamated Houses Community News of March 2015. I have reprinted the review here because someone sent me an email and asked me if I had written it just to get published. No, I wrote it because I was pleased with the haircut I got.

This winter has been very cold.  We’ve all had plans disrupted because of the weather.  One of my delayed excursions was to get a hair cut.  For years I have been going to a beauty salon in Manhattan but this winter I wasn’t able to go there and by February my hair had metamorphosed into a tangled mess.  On Saturday, February 8, there was a break in the weather and I hurried out to run errands.  It began to snow again and for a while it was very heavy.  I decided to cut short my shopping and go home.  On the way back I passed a beauty parlor and it looked empty, Saturday is usually a very busy day.  Hmm, perhaps I’ll get a haircut I thought.  I got off the bus by Bellezza Tempo, and walked inside.  I saw several young women under the dryers but no one was getting a haircut.  A beautician was available.  I got a shampoo and cut.  It came out really well, I’m now set until spring.  These stylists can do hair for both young and old and I suggest you give them a try.

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