Saturday, February 23, 2013

FFR, best tool for assessing intermediate stenoses

Fractional flow reserve the best tool for assessing intermediate stenoses : Cardiology News

This is the definition of intermediate stenosis used in the article "intermediate 50%-70% stenosis in a patient with stable ischemic heart disease"
Here is a quote:

FFR is the method par excellence for determining if an intermediate stenosis is hemodynamically significant; that is, whether the lesion is responsible for reversible ischemia. If it is, then coronary stenting will improve the patient’s functional status and reduce the likelihood of acute MI and all-cause mortality down the road. If FFR indicates that the stenosis is not responsible for reversible ischemia, however, then PCI won’t improve the patient’s prognosis. FFR has the additional virtues of being fast and simple, and it enables immediate decision-making in the cath lab, he explained.

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