Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Where was Bloomberg? January 5, 2011 
Daily News article - Was it a snow day for all the honchos at City Hall
Missing in action has been an unending story for Bloomberg.
Published August 8, 2007, several additions follow Where's Bloomberg? August 8
Did he take the subway this morning? How can anyone take his candidacy for President seriously? A major failure of public transportation hits the city just weeks after he advocates congestion pricing. He has not made his presence known all morning.
Steam pipe explosion, August 8 subway failure and now also on Aug 8 a building under construction at 1916 Park Ave has collapsed.
Aug 13 - The East River turbines that were supposed to be an example of green power at work have failed after just a few weeks of use. The idea was to use the currents of the East River to generate electricity.
Aug 18 - The deaths of firefighters Beddia and Graffagnino should be evidence of how little leaders of the City of New York have learned since 9/11 Mayor Bloomberg and his lackeys fail as administrators.

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New York Crank said...

Where's Bloomberg? Why, with the subway not running, he probably jumped into the limo he sometimes rides in to get to the subway and rode all the way downtown to City Hall.

And what did he do in City Hall? Why, he planned to spoil a clearcut Democratic run by injecting himself into the election as a spoier.

Crankily yours (and thanks for the post on my own blog)
The New York Crannk


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