Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I sent a copy of my message to DFTA to JASA. Amy Chalfy, Bronx District Director, JASA contacted me and assured me there are no plans to shut the center down. It's that old problem that DFTA only measures the success of senior centers by the attendance at the lunch. There's a lot more to the Van Cortlandt Senior Center than lunch. Someone from DFTA also called me and said there are no plans to shut the center. ******************************************************************************* I sent this message to the NYC Department for the Aging today. There are rumors that the Van Cortlandt Senior Center in the Bronx might be shut down. I hope not, as I attend several times a week. If it is closed, would JASA be able to keep the money allocated for this center? I hope the arrogant ones who run JASA would pay a price if they shut Van Cortlandt down.

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