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Balcony Restoration Project, Memos, Photos

August 18, 2014, an update by Jennifer Rankin was at the doors of the Tower 1 cooperators. The previous update was on August 5. I don't have a scanner at the moment. These are the two relevant items copied verbatim: 
 A Line and B Line Demolition of curbs continues, from the 12th floor of the building downward. It is expected to completed on or about August 29th. 
 E Line, F Line and G Line Demolition is now complete, and rebar is being repaired and installed where needed. Form work will begin once the rebar work is finished. ************************************************************** 
 Note the lack of dates for completion of the rebar work on the E, F and G lines

Older messages and photos here

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When you can't access your balcony

Here is an account of one person who sued when they didn't have access to the shared terrace space they were paying for
Access Denied

Here's another article featured in the Brick Underground that gives you even more insight into what a co-op board can and can't do.
More legal judgments

My reason for providing links to this information is that these stories imply that Amalgamated Cooperators who have lost access to their balconies have little or no legal recourse.  The work is progressing, it does not appear that these repairs will last more than a couple of years.

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NYS repeatedly fails nursing home patients

May 18, 2014, Jessie Thompson was found at Penn Station in Manhattan.

Since I first posted these comments, Jessie Thompson, diagnosed with dementia, walked out the door of Jewish Lifecare Services in the Bronx.  This was on Sunday, May 4, 2014.  As of May 15, 2014 she has not been found.
Miguel Canatini, suffering from depression and schizophrenia,  was in the care of Daughters of Jacob in the Bronx.  On a field trip to a restaurant on City Island,  May 13, 2014 walked away.  He uses a walker and has one leg.  Obviously the caretakers from Daughters of Jacob failed miserably.  Thank you Bronx 12 News for not forgetting Jessie Thompson and Miguel Canatini.

This was posted on February 27, 2014
Suffolk Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

Here is a quote from the news report on NBC NY
In recent years, New York state has steadily relaxed the number of penalties levied against long-term care facilities.
According to data compiled by the Long Term Care Community Coalition, the Health Department issued 142 enforcement actions against nursing homes in 2007. In 2011, the number was down to 81. Last year there were 27 enforcement actions against New York nursing homes totaling just over $217,000 in fines. Of those, the Suffolk Center was found responsible for just over $36,000.
The New York Health Department declined to share any reason for the drop in enforcement actions against nursing homes.
New York is also one of few states that have no law establishing a minimum number of assistants per nursing home resident. A bill in the New York legislature called the “Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act” sought to change that, but it stalled in committee last year.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Trip to JoAnn's should not have been advertised in this bulletin

No one got permission from Phyllis, who organized the trip to Jo-Ann's, before someone asked the Co-Op to post the message.  This caused a big screw up.


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